Welcome to the personal website of Dejene Hodes, a visionary entrepreneur whose journey from a small village outside Addis Ababa to the forefront of Ethiopian business is nothing short of inspirational. Dejene’s story is a testament to resilience, determination,and the relentless pursuit of building something significant from the heart of Ethiopia.
Dejene, a college dropout who returned to Ethiopia with a dream and a clear vision, embarked on an entrepreneurial journey with an ambition to make millions in a few years. Though the path was fraught with challenges and learning curves, nearly a decade later, his perseverance has begun to bear fruit, marking the emergence of successful ventures that not only aim to thrive in business but also to make a meaningful impact on Ethiopian society.
At the core of Dejene’s endeavors is Dejene Ethiopia Tours, a burgeoning travel company dedicated to unveiling the unparalleled beauty and rich cultural heritage of Ethiopia to the world. Alongside this, Adulis Ethiopian Art represents his passion for introducing the vibrant art scene of Ethiopia to a global audience, drawing inspiration from the historical port of Adulis, once a gateway to the ancient Ethiopian empire.
Adulis Capital, Dejene’s holding company, is the umbrella under which he nurtures various brands, including Dejene Ethiopia Tours, Adulis Ethiopian Art, and an emerging Ethiopian coffee brand. Through these ventures, Dejene aims to showcase the abundant opportunities in Ethiopia, from travel and art to business and beyond.
As you explore this website, you’ll embark on a journey through Dejene’s life story, his entrepreneurial ventures, and his aspirations for the future. Whether you’re drawn to the scenic landscapes of Ethiopia, the artistry of its people, or the insights of a determined entrepreneur, you’ll find a wealth of inspiration and information here.
Join Dejene as he continues to build, connect, and inspire, playing a pivotal role in showcasing Ethiopia’s potential to the world and paving the way for future generations of entrepreneurs. Welcome to the world of Dejene Hodes, where every challenge is met with resilience, and every success is a step toward a brighter future for Ethiopia.