My Original Story

Born in a quaint village near Addis Ababa Ethiopia, the tapestry of my life began to
unfold in ways I could never have anticipated. Early childhood was a blur of shifting shadows, marked by the loss of my mother and the absence of a father I never knew. My grandmother’s nurturing presence provided solace until fate took her away too, leaving me to navigate a world of uncertainty.
Life’s tumultuous waves swept me from one relative to another until a dire medical
condition led me to the bustling streets of Addis Ababa. Here, amidst the city’s heartbeat, I encountered the stark reality of my mortality. Yet, in a twist of fate, an abandoned church became the crucible where my destiny was reshaped by the kindness of a stranger, the solidarity of newfound friends, and the compassionate care of a community that became my family.

From Adversity to Vision
Adopted by Dr. Rick Hodes, an American doctor whose generosity knew no bounds, I embarked on a journey of healing and discovery. My world expanded from the confines of Addis Ababa to the vastness of Dallas, Texas, where surgery not only mended my back but also broadened my horizons.
College in the U.S. offered a new realm of learning, yet my heart yearned for Ethiopia. Heeding this call, I returned, embracing the land that had given me so much. The ensuing years were a mosaic of learning, from the intricacies of business to the depth of personal relationships, each experience enriching my resolve to contribute to my homeland’s narrative.

Building Dreams from the Ground Up
Today, I stand at the helm of Adulis Capital, a beacon of diversified ventures aimed at showcasing Ethiopia’s potential to the world. Dejene Ethiopia Tours, a testament to our rich heritage and breathtaking landscapes, invites explorers to witness the soul of Ethiopia. Adulis Ethiopian Art, inspired by the historic port of Adulis, serves as a gateway to the vibrant tapestry of Ethiopian creativity.
With a trio of YouTube channels – Dejene Ethiopia Tours, Dejene Hodes, and the Next Question show – I endeavor to weave a narrative of inspiration, showcasing the multifaceted allure of Ethiopia, from its art to its entrepreneurial spirit.
A Mission That Resonates
My mission is clear – to illuminate the myriad opportunities that Ethiopia offers, from its art and coffee to its untapped business potential. As we stride into 2024, our goals are ambitious yet grounded in a deep-seated belief in Ethiopia’s promise. We aim to amplify our personal brand, expand Dejene Ethiopia Tours, collaborate with global partners, and unveil the richness of Ethiopian art and coffee to the world.
In every venture, every interaction, and every dream, my aim is to not only showcase
Ethiopia’s splendor but to also kindle a flame of possibility in every heart that yearns for a journey of meaningful discovery.